Who We Are

Photo of Elizabeth Warren, woman with arms crossed, smiling at camera

Elizabeth Warren, Senior Writer

Too busy doing the good work to write about the good work? Allow Elizabeth Warren to help. Bringing more than 20 years of communications experience to The Monument Group, Elizabeth helps nonprofits tell their stories articulately, effectively, and on-message.

Elizabeth is a communications professional with a diverse background, from nonprofits to Fortune 500 companies. Her nonprofit experience includes organizations involved with healthcare, legal services, education, human services, and financial services.

As a communications generalist, Elizabeth’s specialities include internal communication strategy and planning, speechwriting, leadership communication, as well as presentation coaching and communication training. In addition, Elizabeth’s experience as a video producer has garnered awards for her work with universities, healthcare providers, and nonprofits.

Throughout her career, Elizabeth has worked with nonprofits to develop marketing and communications plans, case statements, and videos. Her strong communications skill set helps her quickly understand an organization’s needs and opportunities. With an eye on the big picture, Elizabeth knows how to work with a nonprofit to accomplish its goals, while delivering strategies that organizations won’t just execute – but, thrive with.