What We Do


We design a development plan tailored to your organization, and we help you successfully execute that plan. We help you acquire the tools and build the skills to achieve success and, most important, to sustain it.

Engage us for a short-term project or long-term support. We can lead an initiative, such as a campaign, study, or assessment. Or we can oversee your entire development function—for example, to help you bridge a transition on your development team.

Our deep experience and array of resources will help you manage the things you can control and successfully navigate the things you can’t.

“Our goal is to help you, your staff, and your volunteers succeed in fundraising—and enjoy it.”

Annual Fund Management

A consistently strong annual fund enables your organization to build traction and deliver maximum value to your community. The community, in turn, seeks to support your organization because of the value you deliver.

We will provide your organization with an annual fund strategy that recognizes this connection and strengthens it. As always, we customize our services to meet your needs.

  • We can complement your existing team. We can establish and oversee processes, provide strategic guidance, and help cultivate relationships with funders who share your goals.
  • We can help you build a development function. We can conduct a search to find the staff you need to run an effective development operation. We specialize in identifying seasoned development professionals, as well as support staff with non-traditional development backgrounds.
  • We can direct all aspects of your annual fund. Your organization receives a senior-level development officer to guide your development committee, attend management meetings, write proposals, participate in strategic planning, and advise on program and organization development.

Capital and Endowment Campaign Management

Your project will benefit from our three decades of experience managing campaigns of all sizes and under all circumstances. We can oversee the entire campaign or assist only in the areas where you need us the most.

  • Shaping your case. We help you evaluate your goals, define your project, and develop an effective case statement.
  • Managing the process. We provide on-site management to orchestrate your campaign. We help you coordinate leadership, cultivate prospects, train volunteers and staff, process gifts, and acknowledge donor support. We also help you troubleshoot any issues that may arise, either within your organization or the campaign itself.
  • Strengthening your impact. Though you may engage us to manage a capital or endowment initiative, our approach is designed to ensure your annual campaign remains strong.

Development Coaching and Leadership Development

We help nonprofits develop and execute winning fundraising strategies that build capacity at every stage of the process.

Our individualized approach elevates your efforts and helps you gain a competitive edge in fund development. Using best practices and innovative approaches, you and your team will learn to:

  • Apply your individual and collective strengths to development.
  • Identify and cultivate long-term prospects.
  • Train and manage your volunteer support.
  • Standardize your data and record-keeping systems.

Feasibility Studies and Development Assessments

When you engage The Monument Group to conduct a feasibility study, expect insights you can act upon. You’ll learn how the funding community thinks about your vision. What resonates with them and why. You’ll hear their questions and their suggestions.

In short, you’ll have a thorough analysis that enables you to see where your next steps will take your organization.

We can customize the range of support we provide to ensure you have the insight to achieve your goals. The Monument Group:

  • Specializes in designing and conducting meaningful interviews.
  • Tests your preliminary case and provides a detailed analysis of the interviews.
  • Provides a comparison of your results to standard development benchmarks.
  • Delivers specific recommendations on how best to execute your campaign, including scope, timing, and strategy.