How We Do It


Our vision of diversity, equity, and inclusion guides the work we do with you. The Monument Group’s vision of community-centric fundraising very much aligns with the core principles of this movement, many of which have been a part of our work for years. What we do best is take proven fundraising principles and fit them to your unique organization. We work under the belief that there is no “one-size-fits-all” fundraising model, and this is true for campaigns as well. The community-centric principles that we will incorporate into your work are:

  • Fundraising must be grounded in equity.
  • Contributions of all kinds and levels are important to strengthening the community.
  • Donors are treated as partners (being able to have difficult conversations that ensure transparency and honest feedback).
  • Conversations and meetings will focus on fostering a sense of belonging.

Our next steps are to connect the components of fundraising we have found to be successful to help you achieve your vision. You, your staff, and your volunteers will strengthen your talents and skills while developing new capabilities that can build capacity and sustain results.

While we approach every organization and project with a fresh perspective, below is a general idea of the planning process you can expect when working with The Monument Group.

We conduct a structured study to share with you and your team that documents your goals, how the community perceives your goals, and its inclination to support your goals. We gather facts concerning the financial needs of the organization, the strength of leadership available, the probability of recruiting sufficient volunteers to ask for money, and whether prospects are willing and capable of giving.

We analyze the facts and prepare a detailed plan that specifies the nature of the appeal, the policies, the process flow, the budget, the type of solicitation, and staff responsibilities. We develop a timetable for each stage, defining scope and sequence.

Once you have reviewed and accepted the plan, we help direct the building of the necessary volunteer organization. This group will recruit the leaders who can enlist the most effective team members to execute the plan.

While building the volunteer organization, we also help you develop a list of prospective contributors. This list will be informed by knowledge of people within your organization, people in the community, and the ability of individuals, corporations, and foundations to give.

We help you develop an effective case statement that connects with heads, hearts, and hands across the community. Then, we help you prepare to share your vision with those who will help you achieve it. We provide your team with the tools and training to confidently build the relationships that will help you reach your goal and sustain your vision.

When all the components are complete, we help you move forward according to plan and on schedule. We recommend changes when necessary and propose innovations as appropriate. The Monument Group does not directly solicit contributions. We advise you regarding when and how to solicit.