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Alan Hutson is Senior Partner Consultant of the international network for =mc consulting. =mc consulting is a London based management consultancy firm that works internationally with ethical organizations to transform their performance. Their work covers the gamut of charities, public organizations, international and national non-government organizations, and cultural groups. =mc consulting is an approved NCVO (national council for voluntary organisations) consultancy.

=mc consulting developed a network of colleagues internationally in order for =mc to better provide training and consulting in a geography, culture, or language important to their clients. =mc consulting has worked in 53 countries and helped 75% of the world’s largest non-governmental organizations. All the international representatives working with =mc share approaches and values, allowing for collaborative and seamless support on projects.

=mc consulting’s primary areas of focus in the fundraising realm include:

  • Reviewing planned and actual results with a fundraising audit typically over a 3-5 year period.
  • Benchmarking performance against competitors or ‘best in class’ organizations.
  • Identifying areas for potential growth or at risk of decline using tools such as the Boston Matrix.
  • Adapting tools long-used by the private sector, including behavioral economics, to implement subtle changes in fundraising approaches that have profound results.
  • Assessing potential for major donor reach and engagement.
  • Analyzing positioning with particular focus on creating a Blue Ocean or Red Ocean Strategy.
  • Assessing capacity of fundraising staff and areas of improvement.
  • Assessing opportunities for market entry, sourcing high payoff income sources and possible funding partners.
  • Establishing the investment needed, or a suitable mechanic and possible returns.
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= MC Consulting Team

For more information about =mc consulting, visit their website.