When you can present your organization to funders who share its values, you can change the world. You’re helping those who care the most see a way to create something better.

That’s how we define strategic fund development.

Since 1996, The Monument Group has effectively designed and managed fundraising programs for nonprofit organizations across Virginia, helping them grow annual revenues from between 50 and 300 percent.

We specialize in Annual Fund Management, Capital and Endowment Campaign Management, Development Coaching and Leadership Development, and Feasibility Studies and Development Assessments.

– Development Services –
Comprehensive. Customized. Sustainable. 

We provide a range of consulting services, which we customize to meet your needs. You and your team provide the discipline and dedication. We provide the guidance and tools to help you deliver.

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  • Just heard about an Islamic social impact bond where if the organization meets its outcomes, the investors get paid LESS… #innovation #ingo
  • @UshaMenon_Asia “Even across cultures, humans are still humans. Our motivations and how we want to make the world better are quite similar.”
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