A Grace Place Adult Care Center

Regardless of how serious a disability may seem, A Grace Place has proven there is potential for progress, relative to each person. A Grace Place provides person-centered care that helps its clients and their family caregivers re-integrate into the community and engage in life as much as individually possible.

In 2014, when Karen Webb took the helm of A Grace Place, she came with a track record of proven strategic leadership and fundraising success. She also has transformative ideas for the agency that need board, staff, and funder buy-in to successfully execute. Karen felt The Monument Group would not be afraid to challenge her ideas, knowing that whichever idea won out, the concept would be stronger as a result of their discussions.

A Grace Place serves those who depend on others for their well being. Unlike most day-support agencies, A Grace Place also serves individuals younger than 60 and those who are medically fragile. People with intellectual or developmental disabilities and/or age-related issues, just as people without them, want to maintain their health and independence as much as possible. They desire to be connected to others and want to participate in their communities as they grow older.

The Monument Group understands the challenges associated with garnering support for a service population whose disabilities may be perceived as “uncomfortable.” At the same time, they realize the unfortunate paradox that often the people who best understand the issues (individuals with disabilities and their families) are the least likely to have the financial resources to support the broader mission through major giving. So The Monument Group is helping the agency tap into its own innovation – including the creativity of its staff and clients – and working with CEO Karen Webb to bring members of the community together with A Grace Place clients. These introductions help dispel the myths regarding individuals with disabilities. Together, The Monument Group and A Grace Place are turning new friends into new supporters and promoting programs with concrete outcomes to institutional and individual donors. The biggest pay-off? Everyone feels and is part of the economic success – donors, staff, board, and clients.